Last night, Beyonce released a surprise album!

No one knew that this album was coming,
which is unheard of.
There was no ramp up,
no singles released, no videos released ahead of time, etc.

The other unique thing about this album?
Every single song came with a video!
This is because she wanted everyone to be able to experience
the songs with the same feeling with which she created them.
So cool.

I bought the album within an hour or so of its release,
because I love her and own all of her other albums.
As I was trying to listen to the previews of the songs on itunes in the car,
the first thing I noticed about this album was that some of the songs were
DEFINITELY not fit for kids! lol
Ms. Queen Bey/Ms. Privacy herself has definitely come out of her shell
on this album and is expressing herself and her love affair with her husband.

After getting home and being able to listen to/watch this album,
Oh girl!
She slayed it on this album!

And if you are part of a mature audience,
then this album is amazing.
SO amazing.
 And so sexy!

I have a lot of favorite songs on this album (only two I didn't love),
but my favorite, favorite if XO.
It is sweet, lighthearted and romantic.
This is the good stuff.