Sometimes in life,
you can find yourself in places or situations
that you would never imagine you would find yourself in.

Sometimes, you find yourself in a place that you thought
only a few months ago that you would never be.

Sometimes, I believe, a man has to lose a woman he loves
in order to wake him up.

Sometimes God uses those wake-up moments in a man's
life to show him that he has seriously screwed up.
That he has been living in complacency,
perhaps he had a bad attitude,
was taking his partner for granted,
was being a lazy partner...
whatever the situation was.

Sometimes, it takes a serious wake-up call to snap the man out of it.

Sometimes, he has to lose it all.
Maybe at first he thinks,
"That's okay, she'll be back. Her loss. 
I'll show her! I'll just go date other women.
There has to be better women out here anyways."

But there weren't.

And he quickly begins to realize just how bad he messed up.
That he lost the love of his life,
when all he had to do was make a few small changes to his behavior.
We're not talking major issues.
We're talking, take her on date night type of issues.
*lightbulb moment*

Sometimes, when you can feel complete peace in the middle of a situation,
you should just sit with the situation and let it unfold,
and see what happens. 
Not fight it.
Sometimes, we get so caught up in out laurels,
And thinking that we know what is right,
And judging situations,
that we miss out on where we are supposed to be,
or on work God is doing,
because we aren't open-minded enough to just let things unfold,
and see.

Doubt means don't.
I have no doubt at this moment in time.
I should see if he means what he says.
Slowly, patiently.
Give him a chance to put his money where his mouth is.
I have too much time invested in this not to see.
And I love him.
I'm not going to worry about what can go wrong,
and I am going to get excited about what can go right.

I'll trust God with the rest.