I'm Living Proof! pt 1...

This past weekend, my friend Donna and I got to go with our church to the Beth Moore Living Proof Live event here in Phoenix. And let me tell you, it was amazing.  I knew that it would be, but it was way more than I ever expected.

The event was held at Grand Canyon University.  This picture was taken when we first got there, but eventually it filled up to capacity.  It was completely sold out. There were 5300 women there (and a few brave men! ha!), and the energy in that room was something else.  I think you had to be there to understand what I'm saying.  The praise team came out and we did A LOT of worship that weekend intermixed with a ton of teaching by Beth.

 I had such a special time with my friend Donna.  I actually met her through Paul. She was one of the football moms on Howie's team and she befriended me on FB.  We invited her to church at one point and she started coming.  We never talked too much, just the occasional, "hi, how are you?" type of thing.  Then, when it was time for this women's retreat, she asked if I was going, and we agreed to room together.  WELL... I am SO glad she did!  I teared up just typing that. Isn't it funny how God works sometimes? Praise God, you can have such a blessing sitting right under your nose and not even know it.  I had NO idea I had so much in common with this woman. NO IDEA. We have walked nearly the same path in life, except dare I say she has actually had some tougher struggles than I have.  I didn't have to try and explain anything to her, because she's been there and understands.  She's been through every bit of it and then some.  She listened patiently and gave good advice.  Talk about bearing one another's burdens. I came away feeling as if I  truly have a new friend.  A new sister.  I was truly blessed by her.  

So we were in such a hurry to get to the hotel and then over to the college, that (unfortunately) we didn't get to enjoy the hotel much.  But. it was very nice from what I saw.

We stayed at the Arizona Biltmore Waldorf Astoria. It was a little bit dated and not  exactly my taste (very Arts and Craftsman style), but still nice. The grounds were gorgeous. What I loved the most were the flowers.  Everything here in Arizona is starting to thaw out and it was a lovely spring weekend.  The flowers were all abloom and smelled intoxicating.  I mean, out of this world!  You could get drunk on how good this place smelled!  It was lovely. 

I will write another post on what actually happened at the conference and what Beth spoke on because it was super-powerful and I definitely want to share about it!

lurve you, xoxo v.


Allison said…
I am so jealous that you got to hear Beth Moore speak in person, but I am so so so happy that you got to go!!! And I'm super happy that you have found such a wonderful new friend! I can't wait to meet Donna someday when I'm able to come see you in Arizona!!!! Can't wait to hear more about your Beth Moore weekend....