Day 3: My children. I have the best kids! They each are so full of personality and are so spirited! You have to meet them to know what I mean, but seriously, they are SO MUCH FUN. All of that personality and will power made it very difficult to raise a few of them as well, but it was well worth it. The older they (read: I) get, the faster I realize that they will soon be all gone. :( Two of th
em already are, and they are so far away that I never get to see them. It breaks my heart every day and make me feel like only half of my family is here. I wish they were close enough to have over for dinner, go to church with, watch movies with, hug touch, shop, smile at, hear their voices in person, touch their heads, etc etc etc. A mother never stops feeling like her babies are her babies...even when they think they are grown. My heart still says they are squishy little toddlers with fat thighs that I want to tickle and hear my little boy tell me I'm the prettiest mommy in the world, and have my Corki standing there in her princess costume watching Barney. At least today I still have my Maddie B and Emma Boo here that I can love on and look at their pretty faces. I am SO grateful for all four of these beautiful souls. They are who God chose to make me a mama and my cup runneth over.

lurve you, xoxo v.