Push and Shove

"Push and Shove"
No Doubt

 Is it just mine?  Or does your man do this too?  It's like he has this sixth sense for when he's gone too far.  You know, like given me a really bad week and pushed me right to the relationship cliff where I'm ready to jump off and he senses this  and he instinctively  knows when to reign it back in.  It's that push and shove that drives me crazy.  He always does it and is so good at it.  Always manages to swoop it right in the nick of time to save things and give me a hug right at the crucial moment.  But it makes me wonder, is he really oblivious to it all and just has lucky timing?  Or is he a hustler?  And this new No Doubt song came along right at the exact time I was wondering this too!  It took the words right out of my mouth!  Anyways, this song pretty much sums up what inside of my brain right now.  I can't wait till the real video comes out.  Any day now!
lurve you, xoxo v.


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