So, the bad news is that I need a pedicure.
But the good news is that my foot is improving slightly all the time.
My toes are looking slightly less sausagey,
the bruising is almost gone, and the swelling has come down quite a bit.

The break is on the outer side of my foot right in front of my ankle,
so that area and all around my ankle stays a little swollen,
but the rest is resolving a little bit.

The other funny thing?
I took a picture of it, but it looked weird so I didn't put it up.
My toes all bend down differently now.
like if I curl my toes under,
only a few of them go all the way down and others barely move.
SO weird looking! lol
And it feels just as weird.
I hope that resolves as this heals!

lurve you, xoxo v.


Allison said…
Yay for improvement!!! Soon you can ditch your frankenboot!!!