Thank you E-town

I was awoke out of a sound sleep to what sounded like armageddon. I could hear screaming and wailing from all of my children and Scott screaming even louder and then on top of that I could hear Darren's puppy crying and yelping louder than any of them.

I threw on my robe and went running out into the midst of chaos to see Scott holding the screen door open just far enough to get his arm out and was beating on something, the kids screaming frantically (that doesn't do it justice) "IT'S KILLING OUR DOG!!!" and my entire front yard was full of people...neighbors, strangers driving by...just people willing to help.

It turns out that Maddie had taken the puppy out front and hooked him up to go potty and as soon as she came back in the house a pit-bull came out of nowhere and attacked our puppy. He was putting up a fight for his life but the other dog wouldn't let go. They were against the front of our house (they broke the siding) and against the front door. Scott was trying to get the door open far enough to beat the other dog off and drag the puppy through the door quickly but was unsuccessful. People driving by stopped and started beating the dog and throwing rocks, our mailman was the most heroic though. He grabbed a golf club from one of our neighbors and beat the tar out of the pit-bull...he hit him so hard he bent the club but it didn't touch the dog. Scott was beating him with a huge torque wrench and it didn't do any good. The other dog finally drug the puppy over into our neighbors yard near his door and finally after getting another golf club the mailman beat the hell out of the pit bull and our neighbor successfully pulled the puppy inside his door.

The dog then started trotting off down the street surrounded by a group of people who didn't want him to get away before the police and dog warden showed up...which they did eventually. I can't believe what good shape Deuce (the puppy) was in after all that...I expected him to be dead and in pieces...but he wasn't. He was traumatized for sure and covered in blood. His one leg was really mangled and you could see the bone...but he was alive and the vet says he thinks he'll eventually be ok. Scott said the neighbors basement landing and steps were covered in pools of blood. And we know he was also sprayed with pepper spray with the other dog. Bless his little heart....I just felt so helpless looking at this little puppy wanting comforted and scared to death and knowing I couldn't make it better for him....not to mention for my kids! Oh my kids! The word traumatized doesn't even begin to describe what they were going through. They were scared to death about the dog and then they were scared that the dog would get was just a mess.

I want to thank all of the people who literally risked their lives to help save this little dog and help our family....Thank you. We'll keep you posted. (and it will probably be in the paper tomorrow...the reporter was here for quite a while.)