The difference between Clairsentients and Empaths...

When I first started on this journey of spiritual awakening, I quickly learned that I am an empath.  I was like, "AH-HAH! That's why I feel all of this stuff!"  However, as time has marched on, I have
developed some questions about that blanket label.  Mainly because when I see or read things, or talk to other people who also think they are empaths, I know I'm not exactly the same as them.  So, I started doing some research and I've learned a lot.  I'll share some of it with you here.

The first thing I learned is that the terms "Clairsentient" (which means "clear feeling") and "Empath" are used interchangeably quite often, and they shouldn't be.  There is also the term "Highly Sensitive Person" which could be thrown in here.  Let me explain.

A Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) is more aware of their surroundings than most people.  They may pick up on little noises or may be able to judge a room or get an impression of someone because they are able to pick up on subtleties that other don't, such as mannerisms and body language.  They have a higher ability to read cues and it gives them a lot of information to process and reflect upon.  However, they aren't truly feeling other people's energy as their own.

An Empath has the ability to actually feel the emotions of the people in their environment.   The empath has the qualities of an HSP, but has the added ability to pick up on actual emotional energy as if it were their own.  They can sense the tension in the room or cry when someone else is emotional.  And they will probably get overwhelmed when in a large group of people.  They'll need some alone time to come down from that energy overload.

A Clairsentient is someone who has a strong extra-sensory perception; a sixth-sense.  They have the ability to sense the energies around them on a whole other level than empaths do.  Empaths pick up on what the person next to them is feeling, but Clairsentients can feel the energy of any other beings (even invisible ones) that are around.  They feel physical sensations and energy in their bodies from the energy that is around them and may be able to glean other things from that energy as well.

For example, as time has gone on and I have gotten to know the energies (mainly my guides, deceased relatives, Jesus, and angels) around me, I can now tell who each one is when they come around me.  Each one of them feels differently in my body and has a different quality to the feeling. 

Another thing I've noticed is that Clairsentients tend to describe things by feelings and quality, such as heavy, light, bright, sharp, dull.  I definitely do this.  For example, I know that my main guide Spomie has a very soft energy.  It is light and gentle and kind of spreads over me like a happy hug.  Other guides I have bring very bright energy and some have a very velvety energy.  And I can tell if a being has a masculine or feminine energy as well. Archangel Michael has a very bright, strong energy right over my heart.  Archangel Raphael has a more subtle, softer, more nurturing energy that spreads across my chest.  Archangel Metatron has energy that is so bright, direct, and to the point that it is almost piercing over my throat.  Archangel Gabriel has a subtle but very wise feeling energy around my third eye.  Jesus has a soft, warm, loving energy that spreads everywhere.  Mainly my chest, but I feel it even down over my hands.  My Grandma has a sweet, loving energy that is mainly over my heart but it is much softer and gentle that many of the others.  

And still there are many times that I feel an energy come around that I don't recognize and I just have to wonder who it is.  Most of the time as long as the energy feels pleasant or positive, it doesn't bother me whatsoever.  Honestly, the negative energy doesn't bother me either.  I don't really experience it as "negative" most of the time.  I experience it as a blindingly bright energy over my heart.  It overpowers any other energy that tries to come through.  And to be honest, I think it's that way on purpose because the dark side doesn't like that I communicate with my spirit team and am working to better myself and the rest of the world.  If they can try to stop the communication or try to trick me in any way, they will.  I just pay them no mind.  Sometimes when I ask Spomie a question, I'll feel this big laser beam of an answer and I'm like, "really guys? lol  You really think that feels like Spomie?" (because if you remember, I said that his energy is very soft-spoken).  I just roll my eyes and keep it moving.  But that's the doesn't lie.  I know that's all very hard to understand unless you've experienced it, but if you're a Clairsentient, you'll know exactly what I mean. 

So, Clairsentients may or may not also be an empath and vice-versa.  I am both, but not everyone is (from what my guides tell me).  If you think (or wonder if) you are any of these things, start paying attention to your own energy.  How do YOU feel? It's funny that most of us don't really know the answer to that because we don't know ourselves or haven't paid enough attention.  Also, if you are truly an empath or clairsentient, if you've never spent much time alone, you really won't know what you feel like because you've been so busy feeling other peoples energy and thinking it's your own!

That's exactly what happened to me.  I had lived with different cranky-ass men all of my life and I was cranky because of it. lol  I took on those traits because that was the energy I was feeling. I felt cranky, therefore I acted cranky.  It wasn't until I started spending time alone that I realized I wasn't cranky at all.  Like, ever.  And I got to know my own energy.  Now I can immediately feel when someone else's energy is near me or what someone is feeling because it is different from my baseline.  In nursing they teach you that you don't have to know all of the things that can go wrong with a body and what they are, you merely have to know what is normal so that you can spot when something is different and investigate it.  Same difference.  Get to know yourself...that is the key.

XO, Veronica


Unknown said…
Thanks for truly explains and reminds me why I am going through the things I am feeling!
Veronica said…
You're welcome. If you ever need to talk to someone who gets it, I'm here for you.