Eucharisteo... make it a goal

I've just ordered some supplies to begin bullet journaling.  Do you know what that is?  It's a whole thing!  I won't start out too huge and fancy (because I'm new at it and I'm not that artistic), but I love how creative you can be with this stuff.  You should Google it and look at some pictures.

Basically, you take a blank journal and you create whatever pages and whatever style you want to look at for the next week/month and use those pages to organize your life.  Daily schedules, calendars, to-do lists, habit and mood trackers, lists of movies you want to watch, how much money have you saved...the list literally is endless.

I've been thinking about what kind of content I would like to include in mine once I start it and I know that I would like some kind of monthly and yearly goal setting.  Tonight as I was sitting here trying to figure out what blog I would like to write tonight, I have a Youtube video of a fireplace playing on the TV with relaxing music in the background and it is so warm and cozy in here.  Despite being sick with a stomach bug for the past few days, I began to feel all warm and loving and the spirit of Eucharisteo snuck up and got me!

It hit me that the holidays are HERE!  This is the month (and next month)!  Only three paydays till Christmas guys!  *shocked emoji*  So, I decided to write out a little goal statement for this holiday season that encompassed the emotion and energy I was feeling right at this moment.

My goal for this November and December is to live a life based in eucharisteo and connection.  I want to share the love, grace, and blessings that flow over my life with my family and friends.  I commit this season to creating experiences and memories that serve my soul and the souls of those around me by spreading love, acceptance, and warmth through the strengthening of hearth, home, family, friendship, and community.

 Yes.  That is what I'm feeling.  I want my loved ones in my space! I want to bake, make crafts, have dinner with my girlfriends, have holiday dinners with my family...let this love fest begin.  That is the goal!

XO, Veronica