Eucharisteo: weight loss surgery

For a while after surgery, I couldn't say that I was glad I went through with it.  It was all still new and uncomfortable.  My body was healing and not settling in as easily as I'd hoped.  But, I can now say that I'm glad I did it.  My only regret is that I waited so long to do it.

As I see my body transforming and I am outwardly becoming more of how I have always seen myself, it feels good.  Not merely because of vanity (although we all want to look good, right?), because honestly I loved myself at my heaviest and so did the people around me.  But because of authenticity.  And health.  I feel more like my true self and I like that I am healthier.

I do love getting my face back too though!  I'm not even gonna lie. lol  I'll post some pictures below.  The one is just startling.  It was taken in October, 2015 when I was at my heaviest weight and I was on a shit-ton of steroids.  My face was huge and bloated and I did not feel like myself.  I put it next to a photo I took in August of this year and WHOA!  This difference is mind-blowing.

(October, 2015/August, 2018)

 (October, 2018)

(November, 2018)

I am becoming a....


XO, Veronica