I woke up to snow on the ground and my first thought was, "Ugh.  Winter is coming" (in an ominous tone as in Game of Thrones.  So, I decided to make an appreciation post about a better kind of snow... my FAVORITE Snow! 

Our little Freya Snow is 2 1/2 now and full of energy and personality.  Lady Snow runs the show and she knows it! :) She is smart, creative, funny, loving, and fiery.  She fits right in with the women in this family! :)  The legacy continues.  And she is everything that is lovely and beautiful about this world.

(meditating under her neighbors tree)

 (she LOVES her new robe!)

(She is obsessed with Paw Patrol and was Skye for Halloween)

 (eating Popsicles with Auntie Emme)

XO, Veronica