A stitch in time...

Have you ever looked back at an old picture and thought,
"Oh! I forgot we had that!" Or, "Oh, that's right..."

Well, this morning as I was waiting to go to church,
The above is what I saw. 

I thought, that is a perfect little vignette of my life at this moment in time. 
I should capture this. 
So that maybe in the future si will have one of those "Oh!" Moments. 
Or, so that long after I'm gone, and someone is trying to explain to my great-grandkids
what a cell phone was, 
they can look at a picture like this and see how we used to carry them 
and what our jewelry looked like, etc. 

It's about history 
Passing things down.
Looking back and remembering. 

I am a huge history buff.
Particularly personal or family history. 
Family trees. 
I love it. 
All of the pictures we have now, 
Someone in the past thought it was a dumb picture to keep. 
Not me. 
I love reflective moments. 
Little stitches in time. 

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