Guest Post.... Naked Truth: Things I Can't Post on Facebook

When I first opened a facebook account I only had a few people as "friends" on there and it was just a fun cool sight to troll around on. As facebook became more popular, more people I knew joined and "added" me. At first it was fine. First friends, then siblings, all still good. I could write whatever as my status, post any song, confess any secret, etc... Then older friends joined, family, parents. Suddenly I couldn't just write anything. It's not that I have a problem with anything I would post, but some of these people can't handle it, or shouldn't know that about me.

Some judge too easily.

  Some just wouldn't understand. Some wouldn't get my humor. Some don't think certain things should go on facebook.

So my friends and I started a "Things I can't Post on Facebook" thing. We'd randomly text confessions or funnies that we know we can't put on facebook.

When I was asked to guest post on here, I instantly thought of this game we play.

So I'm staring a random series of "things I can't post on facebook". I'm going to share
the naked truth.

It'll be anything from "Things I can't post on facebook: there is a hair growing out of my nipple"
"Things I can't post on facebook: It's so hot, I would skinny dip in the city fountain," to "Things I can't post on facebook: People are f***in stupid."


veronica said...

I love it! But dude, how am I gonna post all my super-secret stuff on here? lol I guess I'll try. I can't wait to see what you have coming!

Belle said...

hilarious, but true! I love the edit option on our status updates on fb now, we can hide whoever from seeing whatever to our hearts content :) yay!

veronica said...

Hey Belle, the date on your comment says you're from the future! lol

Belle said...

now so yours show you're from the future too ;p

Allison said...

I love our "things you can't post on facebook" texts! Sometimes stuff just needs to be said!

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