Guest Post: Interview with DJ

I’m Megan and I have known Veronica since she and Alli were younger and hung out.  I am Alli’s younger sister and they used to pick on me (like typical older sisters).  Now I’m proud and glad to say that we are friends and can talk to each other about things and be there for one another. 

I have a little boy who is truly the light in my life.  He is so full of spirit and spunk that sometimes we just want to bottle it in and have him slow down some.  But that is not his personality and I would not want to change him either.  Daddy recently got him into Harry Potter and now DJ LOVES it.  He reacts some of the parts and tries to do spells.  Currently, he is working on a “skinny” spell for me.  YES, I can’t wait for it to happen. 

I interviewed him this morning and this is what came about from it.  I hope you enjoy it like my husband and I did while listening to him answer the questions.

Interview on April 22, 2012
  1. What is your name?  DJ
  2. What is your full name?  Dominic John Harber DJ
  3. How old are you? 
  4. DJ: 5
  5. Mommy:  No, your real age
DJ: 3
Mommy:  No
DJ: 4
       4.  When is your birthday?   After Halloween
       5.  What is your favorite movie?  Harry Potter
6.  Favorite part?  EVERYONE
 Harry is great and smart.  Hermoine is smart.  Ron has a mouse.
  1. What don’t you like?  He says that to me in a whisper “guy in white face”
  2. What part of HP lego game do you like?  Where I have to save Hermoine in the bathroom from the troll.  

Ok, mom we are done now, I’m HUNGRY… Really, dude, we just ate.  He says I know but I’m hungry and gets out some yogurt.  I said let’s talk about the kitty.  He jumps up and down and gets all excited.

  1. What do you love about kitty?  Hugging her and getting her off the ground and carrying her.
He then was talking about how she got medicine since she was bad.  I said no she wasn’t bad, she was in pain and we needed to fix her.  He said ya, that is right. J

He says he needs to eat now.. I said do you want to tell me about your girlfriend. And he goes no maybe later, the interview is done. J

Yep, that is my boy.  I can only get him sitting down for just a few minutes.  He is a very active child that I love deeply. 



Allison said...

Cute!! I love my nephew's honesty!! He really is so full of life. And yes, he really loooooooves Harry Potter!!!

DJ's Mama said...

He loves HP so much that he has conversations with people about the movies. Also, I am going over how to spell things and what things start off with using HP.. :) We even all have wands (well he is earning his back) :)

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