Guest Post.... Don't Worry Be Happy

Since I’ve become a stay at home mom in the past year, watching “The Today Show” has become a regular part of my daily routine.  I enjoy knowing what’s going on in the world, keeping up with traffic and weather reports and even getting a few recipe ideas along the way.  I especially like the fourth hour of “The Today Show” with Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford. They always have so much fun together. Makes me wish I had a crazy girlfriend like them to hang out with every day…  

Today they had an interesting segment on their show called “The Seven Day Mood Makeover.”  I thought I’d take a few minutes to write about it for anyone out there who just might benefit from it, like I did…

Hoda & Kathie Lee began their segment with this introduction…

Have you been feeling a little down?  Stressed out?  Do you have the blahs again?  Perhaps all you need is a joy inducing plan to bring happiness into your pathetic life.  The good news is, it can be done and it won’t cost you a dime.  That’s what Lucy Danzinger, the editor in chief of “Self” Magazine says. Today she talked about how to make over your mood in a week…

Seven Day Mood Makeover

1) Sunday -- "Be a Faker"
(Fake it ‘til you make it.  Smile anyway, even if you don’t feel it.)

2) Monday -- "Put a Cherry On Top"
(Plan something positive, happy or enjoyable to happen on this day on purpose.)

3) Tuesday -- "Quit Comparing Yourself"
(Think about your priorities and measure yourself on how you're doing, not against other people.)

4) Wednesday -- "Give Up The Grudge"
(Let it go and breathe it out. Give the other person a little mercy. You don't know what kind of day they are having.)

5) Thursday -- "Tap Into Your Innate Strengths"
(Use that stronger part of your brain to problem solve. Play your strengths.)

6.) Friday -- "Vary Your Thanks"
(Write down a variety of things you are positively feeling grateful for. Positive brings optimism.)

7.) "Grab Some Girlfriend Time"
( Laugh and have fun!  Laughter is nature's pain medication.)


veronica said…
Great reminder! I like the give up the grudge and the girlfriend time!
Allison said…
Those are my two favorites too. The grudge one is the hardest.