I am thankful that on this new work route I drive,
that I am all around the Air Force base,
and feel like I get to have my own 
private air show every day.

Some of the things these pilots do is just amazing!
The twists and turns,
how close they fly to each other...
I am grateful for them.

I remember a few years ago,
when I went to work at 
Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio,
and the noise of the jets scared me to death.
I mean, really scared me.
I almost didn't take the job because of it.

As usual, Collin talked me off the ledge by saying,
"That's the sound of freedom, Babe."

That stuck,
and to this day,
whenever I hear a jet in the sky,
that's the sentence that plays in my mind.

"That's the sound of freedom, Babe."

lurve you, xoxo v.

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