1. I'm grateful that I get to go to work tomorrow night. My agency called me bright and early this morning (as agencies like to do) and said that they just got a new contract in and wondered if I would like to take it. This was a guy that I'd never dealt with before and he was totally surprised when I said, "I'd really like to hear about prn needs until after the holidays. When you have something daily, let me know." He responded, "REALLY? I had no idea! I thought you were looking for a contract. Can you work tomorrow night?" YEP! Thank you Lord!
  2. I'm grateful for how nice it feels after cleaning and rearranging my living room. It's funny to me how just something that simple can instill me with hope for the future. It's like a fresh, new beginning.
  3. I'm thankful that my family has allowed me to keep the t.v. off most of the time lately (which I love)--and they haven't complained AT ALL.
  4. I'm grateful that pizza and pop can comfort the broken heart of a teenage girl at least a little bit.
  5. I'm thankful for a God who will comfort the entire heart of a sad teenage girl.


Gail said...

Sometimes, we feel alone, then up pops God and shows us how much he does care.

Allison said...

I love rearranging too! It makes me feel renewed and refreshed. I may not like it quite the way that I had it before, but I like having a change more! I get it!!

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