Friday five

  1. Had a great time tonight with the girls--The Full Monty was a great surprise.
  2. Feeling ok though not great--I had to take some phenergan before I left.
  3. Concerned about people facing Ike, especially the elderly. I just saw a clip of two old, frail women holding each other and trying to wade through knee-deep water trying to escape. They didn't look like they'd make it very far. I worry for all of those that won't be able to walk down the streets. I don't want to see another repeat of Katrina. They just said that this storm is actually bigger than Katrina and that the effects will be "catastrophic". That scares me, I hope people use wisdom.
  4. Courtney's new boyfriend Austin was in a bad car accident tonight and needs your prayer. It's been several hours and we haven't had an update. I had called the hospital a little while ago and the operator said he was still in the trauma unit. Courtney just called to tell me that she had one of their school friends go up there and he says that Austin has multiple broken bones and is still unconscious. The passenger Matt is worse off and is comatose. Please pray for these families and for Courtney.
  5. I'm waiting excitedly for my niece to be born in the next few days! Jennifer is set to be induced on Monday morning at 7:30 but is nervous about it because she very much wants to do it on her own without drugs or chemicals. I hope it all goes well and I can't wait to meet our new little one!

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