Soothes the savage beast

Some say music soothes the savage beast, but I say it's touch. I got woke up all too early today...at like 10:30!!! (I know! the nerve! lol) Normally he wouldn't dare tread on that ground because I can be downright hateful when I first wake up, but he woke me up with rubbing my back, then my head, and my legs and my feet. By the end of my massage all I could think about was how much I loved him and what could I do nice for him today. lol

Touch is such a funny thing because it can be used to cause harm and creat hate....or it can be used to tear down the biggest walls, melt hearts and creat love. I googled "effect of touch in marriage" and these are the things that I read:

*Touch is the first sensory system to develop, and it will continue to function even after sight and hearing have failed.

*Skin the largest sense organ, it covers your whole body.

*Touch cannot be 'shut off', it is in a constant state of readiness to receive messages.

*In an experiment, only 7 of the 40 verbal comforts succeeded in quieting children, but 53 of the 60 tactile-verbal comforts were successful.

Touch is awesome! It's one of the greatest gifts God created for us as humans....and I'm so grateful for it! :) I love that Scott can be generous with the touch... he needs to be with all the other crap he has going on!! lol Before I had him though, I used to pay my kids to rub on me...and they knew how to bilk the money from me! That would jack up their prices like little swindlers. I'd say "rub mommie's feet please" and they'd reply "$5.00 for three minutes"...WTH?? lol

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