All V, all the time

Allison laughed last night that my blogs were like "Jekyll and Hyde" because I go from something deathly serious and depressing to something stupid like vagina cologne or overflowing toilets. I laughed with her because I know that she gets me & thought it was funny, but it got me thinking...I hope other people get me!

I hope if people take the time to read my blogs and get to know me they know that YES, I have a tendency towards depression. I also have gone through some MAJOR life crap...some public, some not. But I hope it's also apparrent that I try my hardest to not get stuck there and always try to turn things positive again and my silly/stupid side inevitably shows itself again pretty quickly.

I'm just a girl with issues trying to find the positive side. :)

I'M NOT JEKYLL AND HYDE! I'M NOT!!! lol Ok, so maybe I am...I don't care! I LOVE ME! And so does God!!

p.s....how much do I LOOOOVE my dancin girl up there??? I see her as a little me keeping it live on all my pages. She's always happy and gettin down! :)

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